Children’s Division

Our children’s division gives our youngest dancers the opportunity to begin classes in a fun environment which we hope will stimulate their creativity and create a growing love of dance. We offer multiple sections of these classes so that you may choose the time that works best for your schedule. These dancers have the option of performing at the end of year concert.
Age: 18mo- 3

Wee Dance

Iowa Ballet Academy is very excited to add a new offering to our summer dance schedule – a dance class for the littlest of kiddos along with a fun-loving adult – Wee Dance!  This is perfect for a boy or girl age 18 months to 3 years of age that loves music and movement.

There are two separate 4 week-long sessions of Wee Dance to choose from, or do both – June and/or July!  Class will take place on Mondays from 4-4:30pm each session and will be taught by Miss Meredith.

Age: 3 – 4

Creative Movement

This class is for our very youngest dancers. We will begin exploring movement as a fun form of creative communication. We will also introduce youngsters to the concept of moving with the music.
Age: 4 – 5


This class for pre-kindergarten dancers will teach students a few basic ballet movements and positions while continuing to emphasize the concepts of musicality and movement as a form of expression.


This hour long class for kindergarteners will introduce young dancers to the standard structure of a ballet class with a short barre and some basic center work. We will also continue to emphasize musicality by introducing tap dance so that dancers can explore rhythm and sound.


(Effective August 22nd, 2016)*
1/2 hour

Girls: $33

Boys: $25

1 Hour

Girls: $49

Boys: $37