Open Division

The open division allows dancers to pick and choose the classes and schedule that work best for them. In this division we offer ballet, tap, jazz, tumbling, and lyrical. These dancers will perform in a concert at the end of the year.
Age: 6 & Older

Ballet A

This hour long class will involve some barre work, stretching and center work. Dancers will learn basic ballet movements and positions and focus on terminology, musicality, flexibility and technique.
Age: 6 & Older

Jazz A

This hour long class uses contemporary music and will introduce dancers to basic jazz styles and movements. Dancers will do some stretching, some work in center and some combinations traveling across the floor.
Age: 6 & Older

Tap A

This hour long class introduces dancers to basic tap movements. Dancers will focus on rhythm and sound.
3rd Grade & Above


This hour long class introduces dancers to lyrical jazz which emphasizes the use of emotion and lines.


This hour long class to help students develop flexibility and acrobatic skills.

Class Prices

(Effective Aug 1st, 2023)*
30 Minutes

Girls: $40

Boys: $20

45 Minutes

Girls: $55

Boys: $27.50

1 Hour

Girls: $64

Boys: $32

1 1/4 Hour

Girls: $77

Boys: $38.50

1 1/2 hour

Girls: $84

Boys: $42

*Prices are per month and do not include tax.