Combo 1

Ages: 6-7


Introducing our Combo 1 class, a comprehensive and stimulating program designed specifically for children in 1st grade. This unique course combines classic jazz training with ballet and tap, creating a diverse and balanced curriculum that fosters the development of well-rounded dancers.

Our Combo 1 class builds on the foundation laid in our Kindercombo program and further expands the dance vocabulary of our young students. This class provides a wonderful opportunity for students to delve deeper into the world of dance, discover their personal style, and broaden their dance skills and knowledge.

In the ballet portion of our class, students will refine their ballet technique and strengthen their understanding of the foundational principles. We emphasize grace, poise, and discipline while developing the physical strength and flexibility required for more complex ballet movements.

In the tap segment, we continue to focus on rhythm and musicality. Students will explore more intricate tap combinations, enhancing their coordination and timing, and learning how to express themselves through the distinct sounds they create.

Newly introduced in the Combo 1 class, our jazz component offers a dynamic contrast to the precision of ballet and the rhythm of tap. Jazz dance is all about individual style and expression. Our students will learn fundamental jazz techniques, including kicks, leaps, and turns, all set to upbeat and energetic music. Jazz encourages creativity, improves flexibility, and enhances performance skills.

Our experienced instructors provide personalized attention to each student, ensuring they are challenged yet comfortable at their level. They employ engaging teaching methods, exciting music, and a nurturing environment to keep classes fun, educational, and beneficial.

The Combo 1 class is more than just dance instruction. It’s a platform where children learn teamwork, discipline, focus, and self-confidence. It’s a journey that instills a lifelong love for the arts and helps your child develop into a confident, well-rounded dancer.

Join us today in Combo 1 class, where ballet, tap, and jazz come together to create a beautiful symphony of movement and expression.

Class Sessions:

Combo 1 – 5:00 – 6:30pm – Valley West – Shawna


Registration fee: $20 (New Students)
Summer Tuition: $84/month + tax


Shawna Sampson

Education: BS in Kinesiology and Health from Iowa State University

Shawna started dancing at the age of 4, enjoying ballet, point, jazz and tap. Throughout her years of dancing, she has performed in multiple Iowa Dance Theatre productions including the Nutcracker and Dracula. In high school she was on the Valley Dance Team and won multiple awards at the Iowa State Dance Championships.
After high school, Shawna joined Co’motion Dance Theater, specializing in modern dance. Meanwhile,
also getting her associates at DMACC. She then continued her education at the University of Iowa, getting a degree in Health and Human Physiology and continued to dance recreationally.
Shawna currently works at the front desk for Unity Point Midwife Services in Des Moines.

Dress Code

Girls: Pink tights worn under any type and style of leotard (you may choose solid color or patterns on leotards)
Boys: Tight white or black t-shirt or tank-top with black shorts, black pants or black leggings and white socks


Girls Boys
Ballet: SoDanca split sole canvas ballet shoes SD16 – Light Pink Ballet: SoDanca split sole canvas ballet shoes SD16 – Black
Tap: Capezio Flexmaster or Bloch Tap Flex, black tap shoes
Jazz: SoDanca JZ75-L canvas jazz shoes –in your skin tone Jazz: SoDanca JZ75-L canvas jazz shoes – Black



All Sections: Valley West Mall, 1551 Valley West Dr #109, West Des Moines, IA 50265