Meet Our Instructors

Ami Yaro

Ami M Yaro

Owner/ Dance Instructor

Education: BA with honors in Dance and English from the University of Iowa

Year Joined: 2009

Classes Taught:  Pro 1 Ballet, Pro 2 Ballet, Pro 3 Ballet, Pro 3 Modern, Pro 3 Pointe, Pro 4 Ballet, Pro 4 Pointe, Pro 4/5 Ballet, Pro 4/5 Modern, Pro 4/5 Pointe, Pro 4/5 Pilates, Pro 5 Ballet, Pro 5 Pointe, Pro 5 Variations, Competition Team.

Meredith Stroot

Dance Instructor

Education: BS with honors in Elementary Education and a Minor in Dance from Iowa State University

Year Joined: 2009

Classes Taught: Pre-Ballet, Creative Movement, Kindercombo, Lyrical, Wee Dance

Emily Weber

Dance Instructor

Education: BA in Dance from the University of Iowa

Year Joined: 2012

Classes Taught: Beginning Ballet, Pro 2 Modern, Pro 2 Ballet

Monica George

Dance Instructor

Education: BA in Dance from University of Iowa

Year Joined: 2013

Classes Taught: Preballet, Creative Movement, Beginning Jazz, Intermediate Jazz, Intermediate Ballet, Pro 1 Jazz, Pro 2 Jazz, Pro 3 Jazz, Pro 4/5 Jazz, Competition Team

Danielle Anspaugh 

Dance Instructor

Education: BS in American Dance Pedagogy from Oklahoma City University

Year Joined: 2015

Classes Taught: Beginning Tap, Intermediate/Advanced Tap

Joyce Maly 

Dance Instructor

Education: Dance Masters Certified

Year Joined: 2016

Classes Taught: Beginning Tap, Intermediate/Advanced Tap, Tumbling

Maria Pomerleau

Guest Instructor

Education: Masters In Business Administration

Year Joined: 2010

Classes Taught: Competitive Team Summer Intensive

Hattie McConnell

Guest Instructor

Education: BA in Dance from University of Arizona

Year Joined: 2015

Classes Taught: Pro 1/2 Jazz Summer Intensive

Katherine Eppink

Guest Instructor

Education: BFA in Ballet from University of Utah

Year Joined: 2017

Classes Taught: Pro 3-5 Jazz/Contemporary Summer Intensive

Courtney Gretemen 

Guest Instructor

Education: BA in Dance from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

Year Joined: 2017

Classes Taught: Pro 3/5 Summer Intensive