Pre-Professional Division

The pre-professional division is designed for very serious students and is technique based. This division is suitable for students considering a career in dance, those who wish to dance competitively, or those who simply want to get the most out of their dance training in order to reach their full potential. In this division dancers are placed by ability and must take the entire program for their level. Dancers in most levels will have back to back classes which helps to increase their stamina and endurance. Dancers in this program will study ballet, jazz, modern, pointe or men’s class, Pilates, and variations (not all of these classes are offered to the youngest levels). This helps to create a well rounded dancer and exposes the students to several styles of dance. Students should plan to spend a couple years in each level to truly master the movements taught in each class before progressing to the next level. Dancers in the pre-professional division will perform in the end of year concert. Pre-professional division students who wish to add some open division classes to their schedule may do so at a 50% discount.


If you wish to participate in the pre-professional division but have a conflict with the set schedule for your level, please contact the director to find a suitable replacement class.

3.75hrs/ week

Pre-Professional Level 1

Price: Girls $143 + tax, Boys $71.50 + tax

This level is open to beginning dancers age 6 and older. Dancers at this level will begin to learn basic ballet and jazz movements and positions. They also expand their musicality with Tap.

5.25 hrs/week

Pre-Professional Level 2

Price: Girls $191 + tax, Boys $85.50 + tax

This level is designed for dancers who have had a couple of years of serious training. At this level we will build upon the fundamentals taught in level 1. Dancers will also begin studying modern dance at this level.

8hrs/ week

Pre-Professional Level 3

Price: Ladies $258 + tax, Gentlemen $129 + tax

This is an intermediate level. Dancers at this level should demonstrate strength, flexibility, musicality and adaptability. Combinations will become longer and more complicated and dancers will be expected to have greater stamina. At this level ladies will begin pointe work and gentlemen will take a men’s class.

9.5 hrs/week

Pre-Professional Level 4

Price: Ladies $295 + tax, Gentlemen $147.50/month + tax

This level is designed for dancers who have been studying dance for several years. We introduce Pilates at this level to help the dancers build the core strength necessary to sustain balances and successful pirouettes. Ladies in this level will take pointe twice a week. Gentlemen will continue to take men’s class.

12 hrs/ week

Pre-Professional Level 5

Price: Ladies $340 + tax, Gentlemen $170 + tax

This level is designed for the most advanced dancers. Some dancers may never reach this level. Dancers in this level are preparing for a professional career in the dance field. Dancers’ individual goals are discussed with the director and are taken into consideration. She will help to recommend the necessary summer study, college dance programs, performance opportunities, etc. Variations class is added at this level so that the dancers get the chance to learn and study classical variations.