BaiYu Harrah

Dance Instructor

Year Joined: 2022

Classes Taught: Acro A, Acro B/C


BaiYu was born in China with albinism and came to the United States in 2004. She started in gymnastics and later joined Iowa Ballet Academy at the age of 10 and was actively involved in Iowa Dance Theater and Yaro Dance Company productions.

BaiYu began dancing competitively in 2016, and has participated in competitions like YAGP, NUVO and DMMA. During her time at IBA, BaiYu received supplemental training at the Colorado Conservatory of Dance in the summer 2017. This same summer, BaiYu received training at Aerial Cirque over Denver where she learned the fundamentals of Aerial arts. In 2018, BaiYu received the opportunity to attend DancerPalooza on scholarship where she took class and learned from industry professionals. During her time in California, BaiYu also trained alongside Junru Wang, winner of China’s Got Talent season 4 at Le Petite Cirque.

Outside of dance, BaiYu has been featured in various Magazines and articles, including but not limited to: The Des Moines Register, KCCI8, Dent Model Magazine, Teens Wanna Know, Inspiring Teens as well as CarmoDance on Youtube. BaiYu was featured as the Promise of Iowa in 2017 by Des Moines Public Schools which later received honorable mention from the National School Public Relations Association.

BaiYu then attended Iowa State University where she continued her dance education. In 2019, BaiYu performed professionally as an acrobat at the 80/35 music festival. Later in 2019, BaiYu received the opportunity to star in a Netflix show “Dancer’s Secret”, after completing the audition process and moving towards production, the show was later cancelled due to COVID-19. BaiYu has since performed acrobatics both professionally and recreationally and has taught both contortion and acrobatic classes.