Maddie Lashier

Dance Instructor

Education: BFA in Dance from the University of Arizona

Year Joined: 2019

Classes Taught: Pro 3-5 Jazz/Contemporary Summer Intensive

Madeleine Lashier began her dance training at a studio near her home in the western suburbs of Des Moines, Iowa when she was just 4 years old. As she grew up, Maddie continued training, competing, and performing in schools and programs throughout the country. During this impressionable time in her life she learned from Ami Yaro and Nancy Overturff, as well as Natasha Overturff, Wes Krukow, Peter Pawlyshyn, Alexei Kremney, Anna Reznik, Nan Giordano, Homer Bryant, Joe Tremaine, and Ray Leeper. In 2018, Maddie graduated with honors from the University of Arizona where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and a minor in Communication. Her collegiate experience included work with James Clouser, Elizabeth George, Melissa Lowe, Michael Williams, Tammy Dyke Compton, Autumn Eckman, Sam Watson, and Amy Ernst.
Maddie loves being back in Iowa, directing her own marketing and social media company and encouraging young dancers as a teacher and choreographer in area studios. She loves any chance she gets to work with the talented dancers at Iowa Ballet Academy, a studio that’s been near and dear to her heart since the day it opened its doors.